Monday, September 9, 2013

Best washi tape storage and display (and packing paper storage solution)

Today I want to show you a very cool solution I found to storing my washi tapes.

I had a few requirements from my store solution:
1. That I will be able to see all of my collection with ease. Just a quick look and I can find the one I want.
2. That it will be easy to take the one I want. I didn't want to remove 7 tapes to get to the one I want.
3. In case of need, I wanted to be able to take the entire rack with me to the table.

I found the perfect solution in the kitchen section at Ikea (believe it or not). I found that the Pot lid organizer (Israel link / UK link / US link via Amazon) is working great with washi tapes. If you don't have Ikea in your area, here is a very similar item from Aliexpress

Since I wanted to be able to take the rack with me, I didn't screw it to the wall, but used the
large plastic hook from 3M (by the way - if you are not familiar with this product - buy one! it comes in all sizes and it's one of the best things to have around the house, I use it for so many things).

I also bought the trash can at Ikea  and hooked it on the side of my billy book case (again with Command hooks) and it's the perfect size for all my wrapping papers.

So what do you think??


  1. פתרון מעולה לאחסון!!! ו... מה זאת הכמות הזאת של וואשי??!! :)

  2. Awesome idea! Looks like a decorative piece :)

  3. Oh I love Ikea solutions. Haven't seen this one before. It's awesome!

  4. What a great solution! Thanks so much for sharing it with all us who need someone with new ideas for a growing problem of storage. I welcome ideas such as this one that doesn't require me to use a saw, hammer, or reading complicated instructions. Sometimes it just feels good to have an easy solution, you know? Thanks again!


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