Monday, January 6, 2014

Tissue boxes and post-it notes desk holder with 2014 calendar

First project for 2014 and it was a fun one.

A while ago (who am I kidding - a year ago, that's how long it was...), I created those tissue boxes for the small tissue boxes and my kids asked for one for their rooms, so finally, after a full year I found the time and energy to create a new file for the big long tissue boxes.

I combined it with a gift to a friend I wanted to make for her office. The free file from Silhouette  this week (2014 calendar) was the perfect addition to my post it desk holder.

I liked it so much, and once you make one, it's not that time consuming to make more, so I was on a roll and made one more set:

and a few more individual tissue holders, the sports themed ones are for my boys.

and two post it notes desk holder with 2014 calendar on the other side. Believe it or not, but the print and cut feature of the calendar was the part that took me the most. I have so many insights as to what to do and not to do on that subject. If there is a request I will have a post on the subject.

So much fun to do all that.

I love it when people share their files with me, so I want to give back and here are the files I created:
1. Tissue box files - created for tissue box size: (10.5*22*7 CM) / (4 1/8 * 8 6/8 * 2 3/4 IN)
2. Post it notes Desk Holder

I would love to hear what you think and if you create anything with my files, please link in the comments so I can see.


  1. .יופי של עבודות
    !תודה רבה על השיתוף בקבצים

  2. כל פעם את עושה פרוייקט מעניין חדש בסילואט, ותמיד מיוחד. החברה תציג את המתנה על שולחנה בגאווה :)

  3. מקסים מקסים!!!
    אני מאוד אשמח לשמוע את התובנות שלך מהפרוייקטים שהכנת...

  4. מקסים! שימושי ויפה. מבטיחה לגנוב את הרעיון

  5. אחלה רעיון
    אוהבת את העבודות המוקפדות והיפות

  6. this is fabulous!! thanks for the file, I can't wait to make one. I especially love the soccer box :-)


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