Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This is what I call good customer service!

Today I'd like to share a great experience I had with the Martha Stewart Crafts customer service.

A few weeks ago I was in the US for business and bought the Martha Stewart Crafts Butterfly punch. I was really busy with work and had no time to open and play with it while I was in the US so I only got to open it when I came back to Israel.

It was broken and didn't work - such a disappointment. I emailed Martha Stewart Crafts customer service and explained to them the situation. Without delay they sent me a new punch (international shipping and all) - didn't ask me to pay for shipping (which I would do) or to send the broken punch back as proof (which I would also do).

Just one more addition, my email was forwarded by the MS rep to the Wilton Brands/EK Success Brands customer service and they were the ones that helped me. The whole workflow of this customer service experience was good. I work for a multinational company with lots of employees and I know that sometimes just finding the right person to help you is a task of it's own - so I can recognize a good process when I see one :-)

I am so happy with them right now, and I am in love with my new punch.

Thank you Martha Stewart Crafts/Wilton Brands/EK Success Brands - you have made (at least) one women very happy today!!

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  1. באמת כל הכבוד להם!
    ואיזה שיתוף פעולה בין החברות... וואו!


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