Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"My Family" stick figures

Today I have a really fun project to show you.

I cut stick figures that represent my family from vinyl and put that on my car. I totally love the way it turned out.

The vinyl I had was low quality so I don't expect it will actually last long on the car, but I should get some outdoor good quality vinyl and try again.

The size of the adult stick figure is 5'' which I think is a little too big. Next try I'll make all the figures smaller.

The stick figures were purchased from

Here are the images cut and ready to be put on the transfer paper

This is the final look on the car (and yes - I know the car needs washing...)

This is one of the rare projects that my kids were actually interested in (they could care less about cards...), so next time I might even let them choose their own figures :-)


  1. אפרתי , זה מקסים!!!!!
    מאיה ממש דומה לעצמה...חחח....
    מתגעגעים אליכם מאוד!
    בני הדודים מהצפון

  2. מקסים, תודה רבה על הלינק.ראיתי את המדבקות האלו על כל מיני רכבים :-)

  3. love it. looks exactly like me :-)


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