Thursday, April 18, 2013

Home Decor - Wall Art with Fabric

I worked on this project for the past year (on and off of course) and I can't be any happier that it is finally finished and hanged on the wall.

All and all it didn't take that much time to finish, just figuring out what I want to do, buying all the items I need and actually doing it, took a long time.

It started with 9 white canvases, size 12''*12'' / 30cm*30cm.

I covered them with Fabric I bough at MakeBadim, and nailed it to the canvas with stapler gun. Then this entire piece set in my closet for at least 6 months until I figured out how I wanted to decorate it.

The decorations are made from Fuzzy Brown Adhesive Vinyl by Silhoeutte (I don't see it on their store now, but it's like regular vinyl only with fuzzy fabric on top)

I glued it all to a white backing made from plywood and hanged it on the wall. I had to use the plywood because there was no way I (or to be exact - my husband) would be able to hang all 9 canvases so straight if each one was individually hanged.

Here is a picture of how it looked on the wall. It is on the second floor and you can see when walking on the first floor.

Here is a close up on the fuzzy vinyl and the flourishes.

And a close up to the actual canvases.


  1. מהמם! ובאמת טוב שלא ניסיתם לתלות את כל אחד מהקנווסים על מסמרים נפרדים! כך זה נראה מושלם!


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