Sunday, July 6, 2014


On Friday I went to a meeting of the Silhouette Israel facebook group. It was great and I had fun meeting all of the girls and learning who is behind some of the blogs I often read.

I prepared a little thank you gift for the two organizers of this event.

I thought about making something with the Silhouette but I ended spilling coffee on my laptop and so my Silhouette didn't work the two days prior to event.

I decided to make a hand made notes notebook using the the Penelope's Blossoms stamp set by Lawn Fawn.

I cut the different papers from a printer paper, so it will be light weight papers. I stamped every 10 of them in a different color and the top page I decorated with the individual flowers from the set.

The wording is "Notes" in Hebrew.

I then glued the top of the papers to the backing and left alone for a few hours to dry.

Here is a closer look at the top. I used the 3M quick dry white glue.

Here is the final product, it turned out really nice, I sure hope the recipients liked it.

This is how I wrapped it, with a tissue paper and a nice thank you tag.


  1. מתנה יפה ואישית ללא ספק!

  2. והפנקס הזה הוא שלי!
    תודה רבה. יפיפה ושימושי.

  3. זה פשוט מקסים!
    אישי ומקורי ומושלם בכל פרט


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