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What does the fox say? T-Shirts

Unless you are from another planet (or don't have kids) I am sure you know the "What does the fox say?" song that is such a hit on YouTube.

My kids love it and we listen to it at least 10 times a day if not more. So when I saw a cut file on the All Things Silhouette facebook page I knew I have to make it for my kids.

I used freezer paper and fabric color.

The first t-shirt took a long time to make, I really need to purchase some heat-transfer vinyl and try it out, because doing such a complicated file with fabric paint was very time consuming.

But at least it turned out great and my son loves it.

The second one was easier and also turned out great.

Now I need to find a cut file for "Dumb ways to die" and my kids will love me forever :-)
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