Saturday, July 13, 2013

Freezer Paper fun - painting on T-Shirs

This is a new thing for me. My good friend Sharon brought me a HUGE pack of freezer paper and I started playing with it.

I am in LOVE!! and so does my kids.

So far I painted 3 shirts and I already have requests from my kids for at least 10 more (each...)

It was so much fun and so easy to create... 

 The writing on this shirt say: "Coolest kid" in Hebrew. Monster is from KLDezign (This site has tons of free SVG files to download, I highly recommend it if you have a cutting machine).

This file is the  rivka's renditions princess from the Silhouette store. There is a funny story to this image, it was posted on Rivka's website a day after I tried my first freezer paper project, I had to buy and try immediately. My daughter was so happy with this shirt, she insissted on going with it everywhere for a few days. Now I'm planning on doing Cinderella...


This image is again from KLDezign website

I already washed all shirts (a few times) and the colors are still looking great.

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