Monday, July 29, 2013

Scotch Washi Tape

A friend of mine works for 3M and they just started making washi tapes - how cool is that? She brought me 2 to try them out and tell her what I think about them.

Well - I love them. They are really good quality and still easy to tear by hand. They feel a little bit like they have a top coat of wax, they shine and they have a very sturdy feeling. I would say they are much better quality then the Chinese ones I get and are very equal to the MT brand I have on hand.

Here is the card I made using one of the two I got to try.

Here is a photo of the two I got to try.  I really like them and hope they will bring more designs.

Here is a link to the full verify of Scotch Washi tapes - I really hope they will bring them all to Israel.

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