Friday, December 2, 2011

Magent Note Holder - Tutorial

A few weeks ago I published a few pictures of a Magnet Note Holder I created and I got a few requests to post a tutorial on how I made it.

I wanted this to be a very detailed tutorial, so this is a very heavy picture post.

Here is what you will need:

  • Base - I use cereal box carton, it's sturdy enough and at the same time not too thick to cut. Also the Granola Bars boxes are great for that.
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Patterned paper - For this demonstration I used 8''*8'' (about 20*20cm), but you can also use 12''*12'' (30*30cm).
  • Magnet page
Cut the cereal box to 4 3/8'' * 6 6/8 '' (11*17cm)

Cover it with the patterned paper

Make sure the colored side of the base is fully covered and the kraft side is the side that is showing (we will cover it in a bit with the magnet, but just in case you have small pieces of magnet and not a full sheet, and the kraft side will show up, it's nicer then the colored side.)

Now you can cover the back with the magnet.
A note about the magnet - you can either buy a sheet of magnet and cut it, or you can use the magnets you get from stores or in the mail, I put it in water, clean the paper side and get a great magnet to use. 

Now let's create the box. Cut a piece of patterned paper size: 10.5'' * 3.3'' (26.5*8.5cm)
Scor it at: 2 3/4'', 3 1/4'', 7 3/8'', 7 7/8'' (6.5, 8, 18.5, 20 cm)
and then at 1/5'' length  (1.5cm) - this is at the bottom, this is what will create the bottom of out box (so that the notes will not fall down)

You can also use card stock for this, but I find the patterned paper easier to use and fold and it's sturdy enough for the use it will get.

Now if you fold it, you can already see how the box it build. Since I used a 8*8 (20*20cm) paper, I didn't have enough length so I cut another strip of paper and connected it, and then cut at the right length.
Cut the two small flaps at the bottom of the box.

Now, you can fold the box and adhere it with glue.

Use your fingers or a pencil to make sure all the crevices are tightly glued.

Adhere it to the base we created before. And, that's it, the box is now ready and you can decorate it.

Here is my final product

And last thing, a small tip I saw in one of the videos from the amazing Britta Swidersky is how to put stickers straight on the page with ease. Stick it on a ruler first, make sure it's straight and then stick the top part to the page, remove the ruler and voila!! your stickers are straight without any hassle.
Hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in the comments and if you use this tutorial I would love to see your creations, post a link in the comments.


  1. אפרת, תודה רבה על ההדרכה הנפלאה והברורה!
    בהחלט הולכת להכין כזה!

  2. שיאוו! איזה חמודים! אהבתי ממש את הביצוע... המון תודה על שהעלת הדרכה מצולמת. מקווה שבקרוב אכין לי כמה מתוקים שכאלה... חג שמח מלא אור ויצירה! קרן קרנונה

  3. הנה הכנתי כמה כאלה ופירסמתי אצלי בבלוג.
    את מוזמנת להציץ:

  4. Great project and tutorial! May I ask where you got the letter stickers? I can only find Hebrew stickers that are very small (I live in Netanya).

    1. Hi AmyS - thanks! I got the letter stickers in Mastikim in Raanana (

  5. הי, זה מקסים...יש לי שאלות אם זה בסדר...מה ההבדל בין card stock ל patterned paper? ושאלה נוספת אם אין לי את "העצם" הפלסטיק הזה שעוזר לסמן את הקיפולים במה אפשר להשתמש כתחליף?

    1. היי יעל. את יכולה להשתמש בצד הלא חד של אטב. זה יעבוד גם טוב.


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