Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Storing my dies

I am working on a big project (well... big for me) that will be delivered this Thursday and until that time I can't show it, for today I wanted to share how I store my dies. I think it's a clever way and I hope someone will benefit from it.

I started with storing the dies in their original packaging, but for the life of me, I can't understand why the dies manufactures choose to put them in containers that the jaws or life have a hard time opening (Yes - I'm talking to you LifeStyle Crafts and Nestabilities...). So that method was quickly determined as time waster and at least once I managed to cut myself trying to get the die out of the package.

I put the dies on a piece of cartoon with a magnet, and store it all in a clear plastic protector in a binder. It is real easy to find the one I'm looking for and pick just the right size. This method also helps me keep track of the dies I used and need to put back in place.

I also try to put the original image of the dies along with their name. It makes it easier to pick them when I'm looking for specific one.


Here is how my binder is looking today. Currently I have 15 dies stored in that binder, I think I can fit a few more, but probably not more then 20.

 The plastic package itself I cut into flat squares and am planning on using it sometime in the future. The rest goes to the trash.

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